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Evil Mouses
Sorry for the delay.
But just the other day,
I had written perfect lines
And just counted out their times.
But my faulty mouse
Did much wrath arouse,
When it violently removed them from the page.
It took me some time to overcome my rage
:iconnardraug:Nardraug 0 0
I miss,
How you used to steal my clothes
My music, my art supplies,
Right under my very nose.
You'd stretch out my favorite shirt
And soil all my good ties.
None of those things really hurt.
And how as we grew older
You and I grew still closer;
Companions for one another.
And now that you are not there,
A life with no one to share,
The world seems so much colder.
I miss our time playing games
(Without you they're not the same)
The late night calls you would make
When you'd been out way too late.
There's little I'd not do for
A chance to see you once more.
We used to talk about life;
The loves we both lost and gained
And what it would take for us
to get back up once again.
You would gripe and you would whine
and then you'd listen to mine.
I miss the fights and the laughs,
The drinks that we often shared
(And also all the candor)...
Now that you're gone, lost to life's last surrender,
This dream, it would seem, has lost some of its splendor.
I fought and prayed for you every day.
When I
:iconnardraug:Nardraug 3 10
My Mind
Some say theirs' is a tangled web,
(Surely full of spiders and their thread)
Other say theirs' is a wonderland,
(Did Alice fall down the hole again?)
But mine is a maze.
Some say theirs' is a castle,
(Cleaning THAT out must be quite a hassle)
Others say theirs' is a vast machine,
(I don't intend these to be mean.)
But mine is a maze.
A maze you say?
A labyrinth of books and art
In piles and on shelves.
There's even a machine
that sorts and delves
through all the rubble of
My mind isn't neat and tidy,
It's a whirring buzzing mill.
"Would you all please just stand still!"
Can't you understand?
My mind isn't your Wonderland!
"I need some space."
Let's go back a pace.
My subconscious mind does not unwind through time
Spent at parties, movies, or shopping at the mall.
These things REALLY don't help at all.
All I need at the end of the day
Is time alone, at home.
Then maybe,
Just maybe,
I can find my way around one day.
:iconnardraug:Nardraug 1 7
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I don't intend for this to be on my bragging rights page, but rather, hopefully, a bit of encouragement from me to you. I think that th...

The half covered face and the gas-mask are not an entirely new take on character creation; however the use of brush strokes, shading an...


Well, I've obviously been not submitting art here, at all, lately. Here's why:
  • I lack some important tools for creating decent uploads.
I rely on traditional methods, and I travel a lot. This means that I need to haul around expensive and cumbersome art supplies.  I also have to buy my supplies six months to a year in advance as the pencils, erasers, paints and brushes, may or may not be available where I am or where I will be. I would also need to carry equipment to digitize my art (a good scanner or digital camera). Carrying around my life in two or three bags is somewhat complicated as it is. I don't want to add more than I need to my load.*  This more or less prevents me from uploading anything at a quality that I would be happy with.
  • I am moving away from drawing and focusing more on music.
I have always had a passion for music, be it listening to masterpieces or just the simple the creation of sound.  After all the years I've spent piddling around with various instruments, bands, and pursuing other such opportunities things have really started panning out. I've recently been able to spend most of my free time playing with other people.  I've started being invited to play at various restaurants and bars for grand openings or just because they like me. It seems as if the doors are opening for me to do what I really want to do.
  • I REALLY want music to be what I do for a living.
I've worked at several different jobs throughout my short life, but very few have been something that I am passionate about.  I have worked in retail, construction, education, security, and web-design. My currently employment has been a grand adventure(and not a bad one in any way). I have been extremely fortunate enough to be able to travel and see the world over the past few years on only my own coin. Mind you, I don't make much more than I need to just manage to be able to travel.

This has given me a chance to expand my experience and understanding of who I want to be and what I want to do. I don't want to be 60 years old and still be stuck in the grind of a 9-5, or even retired.  I want continue to do something I enjoy until the day I die, and get paid for it.  Music is that thing for me, the holy grail of all job choices, but it isn't without a cost.

A side-affect of spending so much time jamming out and practicing is that other things must fall to the wayside.  Sketching and painting have fallen off my list of things to do.  Other hobbies(video games), parties, and even free time must fall victim as well if I want to pursue music professionally. That means but one thing:

Deviantart submissions are off my list of priorities indefinitely(at least until time and circumstances permit). I'll still poke around here from time to time, but five or so minutes a week at most.

(my fingers currently hate me[I'm playing bass, guitar, and singing btw])


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I create art as more of a hobby or as a request, or out of necessity. Most of my creations are given away or done for free. My passion is more in the creation of the object or piece, not in the completion.

This can lead to serious problems if misunderstood. If you request a piece from me for free, it is done on my time, and my time alone. However, if a piece is commissioned, all my spare breathing moments will be focused on it's creation. I.e. You get what you pay for.

My photography and other works that reside on Deviantart are but a small part of what I have worked on, but should be enough to give some taste and example of my work.
Some of my work I am not at liberty to share as my own on this site.
If you have any request, or wish for me to add anything here, to my gallery, let me know. Those who know me in person will probably be able to ask specifically anyway. :P


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